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-Space Demon VTuber - Certified goofball-

--- Terms Of Service ---

✦ I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
✦ I will not do a commission without a reference!
(No NFTs' or AI!)
✦ I reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork online, as well as working on it during my art streams.
✦ You may NOT make profits from the commissioned piece (reselling, redistributing)
✦You may NOT claim my art as your own! You may use the design you buy from me but you need to credit me for the original design. If I find out you're not respecting this you will be blacklisted from commissioning me again!
Paypal is my only way of receiving payments.
✦ Upfront payment! Do NOT send any payment before we've made an agreement. Depending on the commission, I sometimes do a sketch FIRST, before demanding payment.
NO REFUNDS! Unless I have not started on the commission or under any circumstance cannot start or finish it at all.
DO NOT do a Paypal chargeback, I will personally send the refund back to you.
Make sure you read and understand
my TOS completely before commissioning me!
If you under any circumstance break any rules of my TOS, you could be blacklisted from ever commissioning me again.